It is a black box for land and/or naval vehicles, both civilian and military, responding to IEEE1616.
The Black Box captures and stores, real-time, all the operating parameters of interest of a vehicle with respect to the driving conditions and the operational status. In addition, inside the black box are installed accelerometers and gyroscopes for determining and recording the real-time conditions of attitude and acceleration on three axes of the vehicle, while a specific GPS receiver acquires satellite data which are also stored.
The storage architecture provides for: a capacity of about 30 s at a very high rate with auto-freeze in case of a crash determination and a storage capacity of up to 10 years. Storing 30 s (10 s pre-crash crash + s + 20 post-crash) it is used for the reconstruction of the conditions that led to the crash and its trend. The storage of 10 years, however, allows the verification of the operating conditions during the life for analysis of the historical conditions of use and in particular for the implementation of HUM (Health and Usage Management). The Black Box can be produced with different levels of miniaturization and rugdization, also in sealed version.