Sede Oricola (AQ)G&A Engineering has been operating for over 45 years in military, space and professional electronics.
The experiences, the knowledge of the standards, the continuous application of the best techniques and technologies, have allowed G & A Engineering to always respond positively to customer expectations, both on orders and in the supply of products. The company is an SME structured in 2 departments: Industrial and Research Center (qualified by MIUR - Italian Ministry of University and Research). The Research Department is structured to do applied research in the microelectronics sector for space and military applications. This department collaborates with the scientific community to integrate its technological skills with that of basic research. The Industrial Department is equipped with all the structures, tools and personnel necessary to guarantee the products in each phase of their "Life Cycle". The production is carried out, almost entirely, within the company using its own laboratory, thus having total control of times and costs, useful for prototype realizations, but also allowing mass production.