Business skills are all those necessary for the design and production, like: analog and digital electronics and microelectronics, micromechanics and mechanical, electro-mechanical, software & firmware.
The company is able to use the techniques and the most advanced technologies, such as Multi-Chip Module (MCM), Chip-On-Board (COB), Surface Mount Technology (SMT), True Hole (TH), FPGA, DSP, ASIC, μcontrollers, μprocessors, rigid and flexible substrates.
The company designs and produces according to military and space standards, as well as in accordance with industrial standards, like: ECSS Spec, MIL Spec (avionics, naval and land), ISO Spec, IPC Spec, IEC Spec.
The following processes are used and updated inside the company: Surface Mounting Technology, TH Technology, Wire & TAB Bonding, Thermo-vacuum Test, Die Testing, Metrology and Micro-metrology, Gluing, Encapsulation, Climatic Test, Conformal Coating, Machining and Micromachining, Welding.